Headed for Catastrophe? Phil Laak Runs Loopy Bluff In opposition to Dan “Jungleman” Cates


On this week’s technique hand for PokerNews, we make a journey again in time the place Phil Laak determined to tackle Dan “Jungleman” Cates within the partypoker Premier League.

Laak is thought to be a participant who, for probably the most half, performs good and stable basic poker. Each every now and then, although, we have now seen him run a loopy bluff and this hand highlights a type of moments.

Cates had an excellent hand to name with as he blocked potential flushes on the river however can he discover that decision button? Let’s break it down.

The hand occurred in 2012’s partypoker Premier League V, which was performed as a sequence of Sit & Go’s. With the blinds at 15,000/30,000 and 4 gamers remaining, Cates limped the small blind holding the {a-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}. When you’re taking part in comparatively shallow you may undertake a limp/shove technique with a few of your stronger arms, however right here Laak checked his choice with the {9-Diamonds}{7-Spades}, so Cates did not have the chance to lim-shove.

The {k-Clubs}{a-Clubs}{q-Diamonds} flop gave Cates high pair, and the worth of getting high pair on the flop is that it will increase the shallower the efficient stack turns into. Given this board was very coordinated, it ought to incentivize Cates to guess to achieve some safety. Certainly, he did guess 40,000.

“Laak is thought to typically play stable basic poker with the occasional loopy bluff.”

The hand needs to be over, however Laak opted to lift to 97,000. Whenever you want to bluff-raise, just remember to have some backdoor fairness, like right here perhaps no less than a membership for the backdoor flush draw. Laak doesn’t have many robust arms on this board as most of them would have raised Cates’ preflop limp, so if Cates shoves all in then Laak goes to fold out all of his bluffs.

I don’t actually like this bluff by Laak, however that mentioned he’s identified to typically play stable basic poker with the occasional loopy bluff, which is what we noticed right here. If I used to be in Jungleman’s footwear, I’d simply name to maintain in all of Laak’s bluffs, which is what he did previous to the {a-Hearts} flip.

Cates, who improved to journey aces, checked and for Laak, warning bells needed to be going off in his head. At any time when they do, it’s a must to be ready to typically surrender in your bluffs, which Laak seemingly did when he checked again. That led to the {6-Clubs} finishing the board on the river.

Dan “Jungleman” Cates

Now discover, if Cates is up in opposition to one other ace, he can be chopping more often than not. Additionally, it’d be exhausting for him to get worth out of a lesser hand. On condition that, I favored it when he checked it right here.

Now could be time for Laak to proceed along with his bluff because of the third membership touchdown on the river. He has no showdown worth, so if he’s going to win the 254,000 pot he should bluff at it. If he has both an ace, straight, or flush, he could be worth betting, in order that opened the door for him to bluff extra steadily. Laak may get a whole lot of Jungleman’s vary to fold on the river which is why it is sensible to go for a guess.

I like going for a bluff regardless that it’s most likely going to fail. Because it occurred, with Laak sitting on 672,000 and Cates on 605,000, the previous went for it by betting three-fourths of the pot with a guess of 146,000. What would you do on this spot should you have been in Cates’ footwear?

I believe it’s a very easy name. Cates needs to be calling right here particularly as he has the {9-Clubs} which blocks some potential flushes that Laak may have. This hand actually solely turns into a fold if we understand our opponent to be weak, tight, passive and somebody who by no means bluffs.

Perhaps that’s what was going by means of the thoughts of Cates as he unbelievably despatched his playing cards to the muck. It could have been loopy, however Laak’s bluff labored.

For a extra thorough breakdown of this hand, take a look at my ideas within the following video used with permission from partypoker:

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